An Introduction

I thought it quite time to introduce myself after all of this time. My name is Jackson Walker and I live in Northern Georgia. I am a folk witch and a practitioner of Sabbatic Witchcraft. My passion is my craft. I have always loved making herbal blends even for the most simple of purposes. Wort – Cunning and Root Work have always been a deep love of mine.

I have had the dream to open this shop for a long while now, one day I plan on opening a physical storefront. I create all of my products with love and intent. Care is taken to make sure they are created in ritual in the proper times and days. All of my work is done according to the moon phases.

If I am not cooking up some new brew then I can be found outside, either hiking or performing rites. I perform most of my rites out


doors in the forest as I work deeply with the land.

Many have inspired me throughout my 6 years of practicing; Gemma Gary is an amazing author who writes beautifully of wortcunning and spirit work, Andrew Chumbley has also inspired me in some of his work although I do not strictly work from his works, and the biggest influence would have to be Mark Alan Smith who has brought forward the Primal Craft Current to which I am a devotee.

Many of you know my shop for its flying ointments which are made with solanaceous plants. Almost all of those plants are grown by myself and the ones hat are not are grown by a friend. I will detail my ointment making process in a later post.


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